meg or nathan

aromantic bisexual nonbinary autistic transgender mega nerd
watching: cartoons

reading: comic books mostly

special interests: middle earth, queer identities, marvel comics
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Katie, don’t you die down here. I’ll never forgive myself if you do.

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Rain was the one who got me addicted to Young Avengers and he's super cool even if he's at fault for my current emotional status (which is crying over young avengers and slowly opening up to other marvel comics).

hell yeah!

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rain is one of the most rad people you will ever meet he is creative and interesting and very very wise and he is such an important part of this universe

<3 <3

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Rain is the actual greatest he's helped me out a ton with anonymous asks on aromanticnerd and he's just generally made me feel so welcome and okay and less shitty abt myself so A++++!!!


!!!!!!!!!! aw thank you friend

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can you tell me about your favorite people


like my friends or famous people? what about them?

rain????? yeah i love him!!!!! he's so cool!!!!! one of my favorite people!!!!


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talk about me in third person in my inbox and use my pronouns and call me galaxy or rain pls

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shit man if I’m gonna change my name I’m not gonna look at a baby names book or a graveyard I wanna be fuckin “cloud” or “pastel” or “galaxy” or some shit

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newt doodles. noodles

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comic book meme

[3/5] favourite male characters: Clint Barton

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